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Thozhi at kitchen

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Viraly is a Thozhi (friend) for everyone at the kitchen, Viraly help with the magic spell which turns even the normal recipe to an extraordinary dish. All you need to do is to add just a small quantity of Viraly Ghee in your dishes, Viraly will take care of the rest. Our products will turn your dish into a best version possible. Viraly is & will be your everlasting secret Ratatouille and best friend for everyone inside the kitchen!

Our company

It was a late 1970 evening

One fine evening the smell of the ghee was spread in the air all around Oddanchatram which was pure, mesmerizing and that smell was from the Kitchen of our house. That smell and that incident didn’t know at that time it would turn out to be the game-changing brand of the dairy industry. Mr. Sellakumar was used to the smell as it was regular for him, but on that evening the spark hit his mind and took the first step towards forming Viraly.

Pure ghee and butter
Secret unlocked

The spotlight on Viraly

Ghee & Butter processing at Viraly
Product Processing

In a country like India where tradition is always overlapping, it is no wonder that we follow traditional method of processing the dairy in a modern way.

Viraly Ghee product quality checking
Quality Check

We know that a perfect quality adds the perfect flavor to your recipe(s). To ensure the quality of our products, we make the quality check available at regular intervals.

Pure ghee and butter supplier in India
Viraly’s Reach

With the awestruck taste and consistent quality Viraly’s boundary is not restricted to only India, YES! We are now available in Sri Lanka too.

How It was

Company’s history

With the 2 years of experience in Milk business “Viraly” was born in the year 1970. Mr. Sellakumar started the trading operations of Viraly by processing the cream and butter and selling in bulk quantities meeting the demands of bulk buyers.

With the success of cream and butter trading ghee was brought under the portfolio of Viraly and sold in bulk quantities.

Our father’s shoe is always special and it was in the year of 1987 Mr. Vijayan stepped into shoes of Mr. Sellakumar.

The retails outlets are established in the Madurai, Mayiladudurai, Chennai & Banglore.

The brand got its grade certificate ”Agmark” in the year 2001 after getting incorporated & stepping into selling retail packs In the year 2000.

The year to be remembered in the history of Viraly, yes we got our first global branch in Srilanka after the brand being established under the vision of Mr. Aditya Kumar Vijayan who joined the Viraly team as a CEO in 2017.


What Our Customer Says

Viraly Ghee is a symbol of purity. It is pure ghee without any adulteration.The food cooked in this become very delicious and tasty. The taste and flavour of the food are totally changed with the use of Viraly. It makes everyone the lover of the food to eat and enjoy it.The packing of the product is also very good which make the content fresh for a long time.

Mr Muthu

Software Engineer

Viraly ghee is one of the best brands of ghee in the market today. The colour and fragrance of ghee prove that it is pure & made up of cows milk. I am personally using this ghee for almost a year & I didn’t find any complaint about Viraly. Every dish I prepare with Viraly brings me more appreciation from all my family members. I do recommend everyone to try this.

Ms Sudha

Home Engineer

The colour and texture of the ghee is just perfect golden clear thick liquid enough to settle on a bowl of hot dal and thin enough to spread on hot roti. Viraly has a low absorbing rate as compared to other oils and problems like high cholesterol and fats can be kept at bay. The Ghee determines the quality of any Indian sweet, so preparing in this Ghee adds value to the sweet. Best for Indian food and suits every dish because Viraly has a light flavour and mesmerising aroma.

Mr Mohan

Hotel Chef
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